...or why we do, what we do

‘Think global, act local’, this programmatic saying from the Scottish urban planner and philanthropist Sir Patrick Geddes is also perfectly suited to nobilia. Despite our international focus, with exports now being sent to more than 70 countries around the world, we have always been proud of our local context and are firmly rooted in our homeland.

nobilia is not only an independent and family-run business – we see ourselves as one big family. It goes without saying that our employees refer to themselves as ‘nobilianers’ and are proud of THEIR company and their affiliation. The community spirit is supported and fostered through numerous activities.

A family business that also sees itself as a family and has a strong relationship with its local ‘members’ – these days they would probably be referred to as stakeholders – operates sustainably as matter of tradition and the corresponding sense of values. Nonetheless we welcome the current discussion on the subject of sustainability, for this gives us the opportunity to organise, verify and improve our various provisions, but it also gives us a chance to discuss them with our ‘family members’ (customers, employees, suppliers and interested parties among the general public). And, of course, the same applies to THE GREEN WAY as it does to everything: there is always room for improvement.

The usual triad of sustainability terms – economic success, ecological compatibility and social justice – are also in line with our own convictions. Isolated aims will not secure the future of a company in the medium term. Only by finely balancing this triad can the success of a company continue to grow on a sustained basis.

We use our ‘integrated management system for quality and the environment’ as an instrument for constantly improving all of our services and activities. In this regard, the quality of our products and services is the overriding objective. The clear focus on quality and customer benefit is a fundamental prerequisite for our success.

The strengths of nobilia lie not only in its technology and products, but most of all in its employees, whose health and well-being are the basis for their efficiency and commitment. Well trained, highly motivated and aware of the company environment, they carry out their duties with a sense of responsibility whilst remaining focused on results. Thus they make an important contribution to the achievement of our goals and ultimately the success of the entire company.

Safety at work and environmental protection must always be assured. We are wholeheartedly committed to the principle of responsibility for the future. This is an integral part of our thoughts and actions. In this regard, we equally take into account economic, ecological and social interests.

Our self-commitment and operating principles are an expression of our values, linked to the following objectives:

  • being a reliable partner for our customers,
  • providing our employees with an attractive working environment, and
  • fulfilling our responsibility towards society.

We look forward to discussing THE GREEN WAY with you




Economic success, ecological compatibility and social justice - these are the three pillars of a comprehensive package of measures with which nobilia practices sustainability. We call it: THE GREEN WAY.

We view this path as a process, in which employees, customers and trade partners are included and which undergoes continual optimisation. The measures relate to all stations from purchasing to production and delivery as well as allowing for sustainable social interaction with our employees.

The extensive measures and approaches are presented on the following page: