Delivery to the Point

Intelligent. Logical. Customer-Orientated

The nobilia logistics concept is focussed on total customer satisfaction and we always aim to deliver right first time, every time.

We manage our own vehicle fleet of 150 lorries and around 590 semi trailers. This enables us to personally fulfil the high quality standards our trade partners expect. Thanks to our own fleet, we guarantee delivery quality and punctuality, and can respond to special customer requests.

Our 320 drivers are specially trained in best practice for handling and transporting kitchen furniture. Each year they deliver a total freight volume of 2.217 million cubic metres throughout Germany and Europe.

Due to intelligent and IT-supported delivery processes, the number of incorrect deliveries has been reduced to virtually zero. Every individual item that is unloaded is scanned and verified by the onboard computer. Missing parts are automatically reported to nobilia's Production Department via SMS/text messaging so that production and delivery scheduling can begin immediately.