for buying a kitchen

Before obtaining comprehensive advice from a specialist in the kitchen furniture trade, you and your familiy should already have discussed and reached a decision on the most important elements, preferably using this checklist.
You can fill the checklist in here and print it out as a guide for your discussions with the kitchen specialist.

Your household

How many people live in your household?  
How many of them are children?  
How many people generally work in the kitchen?  



How high is your budget for the kitchen?   Are existing appliances to be included?
 up to about &euro 2,500    Yes
 up to about &euro 5,000    No
 not decided    
    If so, which one?
     Built-in cooker
     built-In Oven
     built-in hob
     cooker hood
     washing machine



The kitchen surroundings

Is there storage space outside the kitchen?   Is other work also performed in the kitchen?
 Yes    No
 Yes    No
    If so, which one?



The type of kitchen

What type of kitchen do you prefer?   Is the kitchen to be ...
 open-plan to the living room
 or separate from the living room?
Are high wall units to be planned in?
Do you want a lot of glass units?



Preparatory work and connections

What preparatory work is planned?   What forms of energy are available?
 New floor
 New fixtures and fittings
 New wall tiles
 Structural alterations
 Electricity    Gas



Accomodating the refrigeration units

The refrigerator is to be positioned in the:   The freezer is to be positioned in the:   The fridge-freezer is to be positioned in the:
 Tall unit
 Under the worktop
 Tall unit
 Under the worktop
 Tall unit
 Stand alone appliance



Special units

My kitchen should contain the following special units:
 Carousel base units in the corner    Towel closet and dryer unit
 Tall larder units    Drawer unit
 Tall medicine cabinet unit    Base unit for waste separation
 Pull-out units    Herbs and spices unit
 Front pull-out    Pull-out work surface
 Internal pull-out    Bread unit / Cutlery drawers
 Top cupboard with pull-outs    Cutlery drawers
 Pull-out unit with bottle basket    Tall unit for e.g. brushes
 Base unit with all-purpose slicer    Shelving units
 Drawer with all-purpose slicer    Highboard with drawers



Food preparation

For food preparation we need:
 Sit-down work space
 Cutting board
 Chopping board on the worktop



Small appliances

Which small appliances need to be accommodated?
 Coffee machine    Toaster    Radio
 Kettle    Egg boiler    Kitchen clock
 Food mixer    Citrus squeezer    Grinder
 Food-processor    Tin opener    Juicer



Cooking and baking

The built-in cooker   The cooker hood
 and built-in hob one above the other    decorative (e.g. tower hood)
 and separate built in hob    hidden (e.g. slimline cooker hood)
 at eye level    Exhaust air
     Recirculation air
The built-in hob   The built-in hob
 is set back    in stainless steel
 is projecting    in devitrified glass
 is in the corner    in enamel
 as an island    as an individual cooking unit



Sinks I

The sink   The mixer tap
 Two sinks and drip tray    Single lever mixer
 One sink with waste sink and drip tray    Two handle pressure mixer
 With opening for waste    With pull-out rinsing hose
 Accessories such as cutting board, sieve, etc.    



Sinks II

Would you like a dishwasher?   Would you like waste separation?
 Yes  No
 Yes  No
If so, which width?   What will there be in the base unit under the sink?
 45 cm  60 cm
 Waste collector  Cleaning products pull-out
How will the water be heated?    
 Storage heater  Flow-through water heater



Dining area

The dining area should be:    
 for quick snacks between meals    
 for all meals, with guests    
 Dining table    
 Dining counter or bar    
 Breakfast bar    
 Pull-out table    
 at normal chair height    
 at bar stool height    
 on a pedestal    
 with a corner bench    
Number of people dining:     



Lighting and miscellaneous

The lighting should consist of:   Miscellaneous
 Glass cabinet lighting    Sideboards
 Top shelf spotlight    Glass cabinet combinations
 Niche spotlight    Wall shelves
 Work area lighting    Niche cladding
     Railing systems